You can’t fool Mother Nature

You can’t fool Mother Nature. And you can’t predict her either. Protect your crops with crop insurance that pays.

Return per $1.00 of PA farmer paid premium:
25 year average $3.14
Lowest (1994) $0.89
Highest (2002) $11.14

There are several options to choose from.

Crop Revenue Coverage:
Protects you from both loss of production and price declines for corn, soybeans and wheat. With Crop Revenue Coverage, you will also receive a periodic Crop Insurance Newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on current programs, important dates and other events that can affect operations.

AF Quality Option:
Protects fresh apples from hail, wind, scab and other disasters make fruit unable to grade as U.S. Fancy.

Developed by the PA Department of Agriculture, this is a whole farm loss of revenue policy.

Pasture, Rangeland & Forage:
A pilot program offered in 25 counties in Pennsylvania, it’s based on rainfall and greenness during the insurance period. New programs are being developed for livestock, dairy, etc.

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